Metz Culinary Management introduces new menu items and programming for K-12

The food management company is focusing on expanding its plant-based offerings for students.
Country-fried cauliflower steaks
Country-fried cauliflower steaks are among the new plant-based dishes. /Photo courtesy of Metz Culinary Management

Metz Culinary Management is introducing several new menu items and events for its K-12 audience this school year.

At the cafeteria table this year, students will enjoy a variety of plant-based dishes including country-fried cauliflower steaks, roasted portabella mushroom Reuben sandwiches, vegetarian mac and cheese, smokey, vegan three bean chili, gluten-free black bean brownies and spiral zucchini that replaces carb-heavy noodles in a pasta dish.

“While we want to move students toward healthier eating, we recognize that it is important to meet them where they are in terms of their wants and needs,” said Jim Dickson, senior vice president at Metz, in a statement. “Our team has developed a number of creative, plant-based breakfast and lunch offerings that follow the latest culinary trends.”

In addition, the food management company is hosting events centered around plant-based eating such as Veg Fest, a week-long festival held in October that highlights plant-based dishes on the menu.

Plant-based dining is growing in popularity in the K-12 segment, and some states, such as Illinois, are requiring schools to offer at least one plant-based option during lunch if a student requests one.



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