Insurance company partners with nonprofit to deliver meals to members

MANNA client delivery
Photograph courtesy of Independence Blue Cross

Independence Blue Cross has partnered with MANNA—a Philadelphia-based organization that donates healthy meals and provides nutritional counseling to those who are seriously ill—to deliver free and nutritious meals to Medicare Advantage members with certain chronic conditions who have also recently been discharged from the hospital.

The delivery program, which began on Jan. 1, delivers meals for four weeks after a hospital discharge. It was initially designed to serve Medicare Advantage members who are enrolled in Keystone 65 HMO plans and have been identified as having a combined diagnosis of congestive heart failure, diabetes and late-stage chronic kidney disease.

Those who opt in will receive meals from MANNA on a weekly basis. Each delivery includes breakfast, lunch and dinner for each weekday. It can be used for two four-week periods in a given year if the patient is readmitted. MANNA will also offer free nutritional counseling.

“We are excited about this partnership and think it will help improve health outcomes, reduce hospitalizations and educate members on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits,” said Dr. Heidi Syropoulos, Independence medical director.


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