Aramark launches program to garner student feedback

SN Insights 360 will allow students to express opinions through annual surveys, in-cafe evaluations and more.
Aramark student nutrition
SN Insights 360 will allow students to leave feedback through a variety of channels. | Logo courtesy of Aramark Student Nutrition

Aramark Student Nutrition is giving students a new way to share their thoughts about menu items and more this fall. 

The foodservice management company is launching SN Insights 360, a program designed to encourage students to leave feedback about their cafeteria experience through annual surveys, in-cafe evaluations, action committees, focus groups, customer journey mapping and tasting events.

“SN Insights 360 is an actionable, exciting way for students to make sure that they influence their daily nutrition,” said Barbara Flanagan, president and CEO of Aramark Student Nutrition, in a statement. “It isn’t just a feedback form or a checklist task—it is a broad-based initiative built to empower future generations. It keeps the focus on the students and their dynamic needs.”

The new program will go hand in hand with the Aramark Student Nutrition Culinary Alliance that was launched a year ago.

The alliance is made up of around 15 Aramark chefs who meet throughout the year to develop new recipes for school meals. It was created as part of Aramark's efforts to revamp its K-12 division.



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