A collection of menu planning ideas for foodservice operators.


Small plates sell big

Look at a variety of eating establishments today—anything from casual restaurants, pubs and taverns to college dining halls and healthcare cafeterias—and chances are you'll see customers enjoying appetizers, small plates, snacks and other items that are smaller than typical entrées.


Talking Health with Deanne Brandstetter

  Compass Group North America has been one of the leading contract companies in promoting healthful eating to its clients. Its most recent effort, “whole + sum”, has been very successful, and earne...

As part of a new contract with Morrison Management Specialists, 428-bed Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center has renovated a café into a franchise Au Bon Pain location.

With its rich flavors and general health factor—foods rich in protein, fiber and antioxidants—the Mediterranean diet continues to satisfy customers’ demand for authentic ethnic cuisine. Though loosely defined, this cuisine features foods

Operators find new ways to menu the other white meat. What’s not to love about pig?” Nancy Maslonka, executive chef at the Medical Center of Lewisville, Texas, says. “It gives us ham, bacon, loins, ribs, roasts and my favorite guilty ple

Taking cues from cultures that hold legumes in high regard, noncommercial operators are choosing bean dishes as key planks in lighter, healthier meal platforms that appeal to the taste buds

Internationally influenced salads provide a lunchtime foray into a variety of different flavors, each with hidden health benefits. Vietnamese spices and Mexican heat are just a few of the flavor prof...

From coast to coast, seafood is growing in popularity. The average American consumed nearly 16 pounds of fish and shellfish in 2009, according to the NOAA Fisheries Service, with shrimp lea...

Surprising as it may be, selling healthy in hospitals isn’t as easy as it might seem. Patient menus, of necessity, follow a number of guidelines, but getting employees and visitors to eat more healthf...

To create the 10-day menu for the summer meals program in the Reynoldsburg (Ohio) School District, Foodservice Director Connie Fatseas used the students' 10 favorite entrées from the regula...

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