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Shelling Out Variety

Whether offered at breakfast, lunch or dinner, eggs are finding their way onto the plates of more and more customers, according to many non-commercial chefs. This increased demand has led to the addition of more sophisticated egg menu items, such as strat


The Possibilities of Pasta

Whole-wheat varieties of pasta are allowing operators to menu the grain as a healthy option. Today’s pasta dishes are more flavorful, stylish and healthful than ever before, according to several non-commercial operators.

Hot soup, with its low food cost and high profit margin, is a liquid asset for many non-commercial operations, according to directors. Soup attracts consumer attention and creates considerable sales no matter the weather, operators say.

With the demand for food trucks in overdrive across the United States, non-commercial operations are yielding to the trend’s popularity and offering mobile options as an additional element to th...

Retail operations make up a significant portion of the foodservice business on many college campuses. Three veteran foodservice directors offer advice on how to make retail more profitable. As colleg...