Versatile proteins make menu trends easy to accommodate

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School cafeterias face a tall order: Operators need to prepare a varied menu that keeps kids interested and satisfied while also minding budget, USDA dietary meal requirements and more. One way to accomplish every goal, though, is by using ingredients that can be used in an array of dishes. Versatile proteins like chicken or beef can be easily enhanced with sauces, seasoning, or sides to create classic favorites and trending cuisines, like Asian-inspired dishes, American flavors, or Mexican-themed meals.

Another key benefit of bulk proteins is that they are easy to prepare ahead of time for a variety of meals and you can individually package them. Grab-and-go meals are important to operators in this season where there are new safety guidelines to follow. By using Tyson K-12 core proteins, including chicken strips, diced chicken, pulled chicken, sliced beef and many more, operators can plan a varied menu without adding extra labor to their back of house.

For example, pulled chicken can be used in a Fiesta Ranch Chicken Burrito, an Asian Noodle Salad, or a Southwest Chicken Wrap. Chicken drumsticks can be used for Barbecue Chicken Salads, Spicy Chicken & Waffles or a Southwest Chicken Bowl. Sliced beef can be a core ingredient for a Beef and Broccoli Bowl or a Texas BBQ sandwich. Chicken tenders, breaded or not, are a favorite food among many consumers, but especially kids. They can be used in an array of meals, such as in a Nashville hot chicken sandwich, in chicken tacos, as a salad topping, in a grain bowl and more. Need menu inspiration? Check out Tyson K-12’s menu concept resources, which offer meal ideas for breakfast and lunch as well as a guide for which products to have on hand to make the menu happen. By stocking these versatile proteins in K-12 kitchens, operators will always have an array of ready-to-make meals in their arsenal.

K-12 foodservice operators have an important, but busy job feeding kids in their community each day. Versatile products from Tyson K-12 can help keep things streamlined without shrinking the menu. To create a menu with trending flavors, kid-friendly favorites and everything in between, cooked proteins from Tyson K-12 make it as easy as can be.

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