How Scott Randolph is elevating IHOP’s status as the breakfast leader while innovating across the menu

The VP of Culinary has introduced bowls, burritos, melts and more to position the chain as an all-day destination.

Customers can order pancakes and eggs all day long at IHOP, but VP of Culinary Scott Randolph is making sure there are plenty of innovative but traditional lunch and dinner options, too. In his four years as head chef, he has worked to expand IHOP’s positioning from the breakfast leader to the all-day leader, adding signature burritos, bowls, melts and more. But he’s also busy elevating breakfast—the latest menu launch is new French toast (NFT), a thicker, fluffier version of the morning favorite.

Chef Randolph

Listen as Randolph talks about the growth of IHOP’s bubbles and brews beverage program, the success of fast-casual sibling, Flip’d, his TikTok appearances and what’s coming out of the pipeline in early 2023.

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