How Popeyes got the edge in the chicken sandwich wars

As head of culinary for the chain, Amy Alarcon and her team created a record-breaking chicken sandwich. Now there’s a new one on the menu—plus a lot of other R&D excitement.

After Popeyes off-the-charts success with its fried chicken sandwich, Amy Alarcon and her culinary team spent four years perfecting the cooking technique and flavor profile of the just-launched Blackened Chicken Sandwich. In between, she developed a new and improved chicken nugget and a number of seasonal LTOs.

Amy Alarcon
Amy Alarcon

Throughout the R&D process, Alarcon taps into New Orleans as her inspiration point. Listen as she shares how her Southern roots have impacted her culinary journey, how Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen does Thanksgiving and what’s in store for 2023.

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