How Modernist Cuisine’s Francisco Migoya is changing the pizza world

Migoya is the coauthor of Modernist Pizza, which takes a deep dive into pizza making, revealing the secrets behind every style and technique.

Francisco Migoya, head chef at Modernist Cuisine in Seattle, spent the last four years traveling the world on a pizza quest.

He and his team visited 250 pizzerias, ate 800 pizzas on the road and baked 12,000 pies in the Modernist Cuisine Labs. The result? A three-volume tome called Modernist Pizza, making its publishing debut on Oct. 5.

Francisco Migoya
Francisco Migoya

The books take a deep dive into pizza, exploring the history, styles and recipes for one of the world’s most-loved foods. Listen as Migoya describes how he and his team developed the ultimate pizzas by sourcing the best ingredients, combining techniques and experimenting over a long period of time. He also shares his take on why pizza can be a very business-friendly food. 

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