3 ways to satisfy all-day yogurt cravings

Yogurt parfait
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Fun fact: 60% of yogurt consumption happens outside of breakfast. That’s right, across

all ages, patrons are eating yogurt during every daypart.1 With this dairy staple being such a regular part of the consumer diet, leading the way on variety will guarantee that an operation is a go-to for fulfilling this all-day appetite.

Interested in adding more fun yogurt options to the menu? Try these three formats that put yogurt creativity and safety first!

DIY yogurt parfait bar

Add fun to the menu by turning a “do-it-yourself” salad bar into a parfait customization station! Stock up with different yogurt flavors, fruits, nuts and other craveable ingredients that can turn a simple cup parfait into a canvas for culinary creativity.

Customizable bento boxes

For a deconstructed parfait approach, try bento boxes with four slots for yogurt, toppings and mix-ins. Staff can provide a list of ingredients and fulfill orders behind the counter for patrons to mix and match themselves to build the perfect bite. Using proper safety gear—like a mask, gloves, spoons/tongs, etc.—this option requires minimal contact for more peace of mind.

Pre-made cup parfaits

For patrons who are in a hurry, offer an array of creative cup parfaits. There are unlimited ways to build a parfait that customers won’t be able to resist—from different yogurt flavors to fun ingredients like cereal, chocolate chips, pie filling and so much more. Add a finishing touch with  a tamper-evident seal to show that the parfait was made with care.

With Yoplait® ParfaitPro®, operators can offer delicious yogurt menu items—all while creating less waste, less mess and more profits.2 Start offering yogurt variety TODAY by downloading the Parfait Express toolkit—full of ideas, tips and safety-first solutions. Click here to get started!

1. The NPD Group/SupplyTrack, Total yogurt in Foodservice 12 months ending Nov. 2018
2. GMI ParfaitPro® Renovation Study, January 2017

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