3 ways operators can boost coffee sales with branded options

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Popular brands appeal to customers because they are trusted and familiar; they communicate a hallmark of quality and good taste. But emerging brands (as well as unknowns) may be more appealing to customers who are looking to try something new and exciting, and who want to find a new favorite. 

Beverages, especially coffee, are one of the most profitable areas of foodservice. For foodservice operators, it’s important to deliver the same quality coffee experience. That’s why it’s smart to offer coffee selections that will appeal to their customers, from brands they can get excited about.

Value of a brand image

The power of branding goes way beyond just a logo or graphic element; it encompasses consumers’ in-store and delivery experience with the product, impressions of merchandising and promotions and how they perceive the brand as well as themselves. And when customers trust a brand, they are willing to try new products within the brand family.

Thirst for the new

Almost 60% of coffee drinkers consider them adventurous coffee drinkers1. And a majority say they’re looking for smooth and rich coffee. Premium coffee drinkers are primed for new experiences, so it’s important to keep things fresh for consumers. Segafredo Zanetti® offers seasonal drinks and a variety of coffee blends, such as Fair Trade Organic Certified Ethiopia and Sumatra, that can be rotated to keep things fresh. Consumers are looking for smooth and rich coffees and Segafredo Zanetti® delivers on that experience with a wide range of coffee blends such as Vivace™, Brilliante® Enzo®, Crescendo® and Montagna®, as well as espresso blends. 

Consumers are expecting great experiences when they dine out—and coffee is part of that expectation, especially if a location has an exceptional culinary experience. To compete, foodservice operators must offer a full, premium coffee program (including espresso-based beverages, drip coffee, and cold coffee) as well as a staff that understands the impact great coffee can have on rest of the location’s business.

For busy operators with multiple venues and outlets, creating, maintaining and upgrading the coffee service isn’t an easy task. And for foodservice operators, a premium experience means more than just selecting a well-known brand—it’s about the whole package.

Choosing the right beverage partner

Selecting a capable and experienced beverage partner is critical because a branded program isn’t only about quality coffee, but also a premium experience working with a trusted beverage partner invested in helping operator grow their business. A good beverage partner will engage with the operator and customize a program to fit their needs.

Beyond the brand image, a good beverage partner will provide vital assistance with marketing, merchandising and promotions on- and off-premise. They can advise operators on menu development, staff training and the selection and maintenance of brewing equipment. 

Segafredo Zanetti® shows its strength as a trusted beverage partner through its “bean to cup” expertise, its years of experience in the café business around the world, a world-wide presence in foodservice operations, its global approach to coffee and the heritage of four generations in the business. 

Alleviating B&I pain points

A trusted beverage partner can be invaluable when it comes to the challenges of increasing traffic and margins. They can advise foodservice operators about offering a range of coffee varieties, from smooth and balanced to rich and full-bodied, as well as a mix of equipment, such as batch brewers for peak periods, espresso machines for cafe-type venues, cold & nitro countertop dispensers and bean-to-cup machines for java on demand.

Suppliers also routinely track key consumer movements in the industry and can counsel operators on how they can cash in on applicable trends. For example, cold brew coffee is now in the mainstream and approaching table stakes for a coffee program. Segafredo Zanetti® innovates solutions for operators to stay at the forefront of cold brew trends by offering a range of options from a handcrafted cold brew approach, to a newly launched Ready-to-Drink dispensed cold brew for low operational impact to finding new cutting-edge technology to serve Nitro cold brew from the countertop. 

Perhaps most important when it comes to driving sales and traffic is marketing, which should be supported by beverage partners. This would include displays, signage and digital POS materials as well as social media. 

Today’s consumers are savvy about coffee and demand a premium, branded experience. Coffee lovers can parse the differences between their favorites dissecting everything from a coffee’s mouthfeel and flavor to its origin and roasting profiles. And it’ll be a good beverage partner that will separate the good from the truly great. 

This post is sponsored by Segafredo Zanetti®