3 reasons why biscuits are a back-of-house game changer

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When patrons want comfort food, there’s one surefire way to give them a meal to remember: mouthwatering biscuits. But that’s not all biscuits can do. Whether it’s for meals in a restaurant, dining hall, cafeteria or any foodservice establishment, there are plenty of ways that biscuits can give back-of-house staff a boost. Here are three reasons why this time-honored crowd pleaser can become a game changer at any operation.

1. Versatility

Buttery, fluffy biscuits are tried and true as a side bread, breakfast sandwich and as biscuits and gravy. But why stop there? Biscuits are a perfect food for back-of-house staff to use across the menu. Get creative, and economical, by using them to make dishes like:

2. Low labor

Hiring and retaining staff is a major challenge for the foodservice industry in 2021. Instead of scrambling to bring on new employees, why not make things easier for the existing team? While some ingredients require a tremendous amount of time and energy, biscuits can do more with less across the menu. The efficiency potential is off the charts, especially when operators are regularly purchasing fewer ingredients, training staff less often, making fewer mistakes—the list goes on.

3. Takeout-ready

Takeout rose to new heights in 2020, and that momentum isn’t slowing down any time soon. However, with more delicate ingredients like soft breads, longevity and quality don’t always go together. With hearty biscuits, however, operators can build to-go meals with peace of mind knowing that they’ll meet and exceed expectations.

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