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burger pizza
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This mash-up features two favorites: Burgers and pizza. Topped with ground beef and crispy tobasco onions, this pizza will bring a smile to any burger-lover's face.


Fresh pizza dough or 8-in. par-baked pizza crust
5 oz. ground beef (minimum 75% lean, 25% fat)
3 oz. Mel sauce
1/2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
Crispy onions
Tabasco sauce


  1. Take desired amount of fried onions, bake/fry until crispy (follow specified directions). While hot, toss with Tabasco sauce and set aside.
  2. Heat skillet over medium heat with about 1 ounce of oil to brown beef, season with salt and pepper. Once beef is browned (approximately 8 minutes), drain off fat and set aside to cool.
  3. Roll pizza dough to 8 inch round at desired thickness. Spread Mel Sauce onto dough evenly. Spread browned beef on top of Mel Sauce. Top with mozzarella cheese. Place desired amount of crispy onions on top and bake at 350°F for about 12-14 minutes.
Source: University of Rochester, Rochester, N.Y.

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