Sodexo raises meal plan fee at HI college by 5%

MANOA, Hawaii — Sodexo revealed plans to increase UH Mānoa's meal plan prices across the board for 2016 at ASUH's April 15 general meeting.

Sodexo General Manager Donna Ojiri announced that Sodexo’s calculations called for a recommended increase in meal swipe prices by five percent across the board for the next semester, due to increases in electricity and other factors.

“Shipping costs have increased 5 percent,” Ojiri said at the meeting. “Another thing that’s affected our operations is healthcare.”

An increase in prices

One senator voiced concerns that the jump from 14 to 19 meal swipes, in regards to the meal swipe plan, is too much. Ojiri said Sodexo would look into it, however she says the reasoning behind it is that the market serves as a place to be able to spend extra meal swipes come Saturday night before the swipes expire for the week.

In addition to meal swipe increases, retail prices are projected to rise at Ba-le and Simply to Go Market by two percent, Campus Center Food Court by five percent, Aja Sushi by six percent, and The Market by three percent.

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