College ditches disposable cups

Reusable thermoses will take their place in the dining hall. The change has received some pushback from students, who say that most students will forget to bring their thermoses with them.

In a move to cut down on waste, Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Mich., is switching from disposable cups to reusable thermoses in its dining hall, the Hillsdale Collegian reports.

Hillsdale’s food provider, Bon Appetit, is providing every student and faculty member with a free thermos, which will allow students to still take beverages to go. In the future, the company says it will provide incoming freshman with a thermos as well.

The change has received some pushback from students, who say that most students will forget to bring their thermoses with them. Bon Appetit has noted that since the introduction of the thermoses, ceramic mugs in the dining hall have been steadily disappearing due to students leaving their mugs at home.

The foodservice provider says it stands by its decision to remove the disposable cups but is open to other ways of reducing waste.

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