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Switching to room service and back again

After Legacy Retirement Communities shut down its dining rooms amid COVID-19, Robert Darrah and his team wanted to bring back some flavor of pre-pandemic dining.

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When the coronavirus really took hold in the U.S. last March, Legacy Retirement Communities in Lincoln, Neb., went from serving a handful of room service meals each day to 2,100—making the switch in a span of just six hours.

After doing only room service for a while, Dining Services Director Robert Darrah and his team wanted to bring back some flavor of residents’ previous dining experience. “If we follow the social distance guidelines that have been provided to us and we do things safely and effectively, how can we get our residents’ lives back to somewhat normal?” Darrah says.

Taking direction from health officials and the state, the team created food lines on each residential floor that serve the operation’s full menu. On this episode of “Dig In,” Darrah explains how.

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