Reading into statistics

I read an interesting article over the weekend. Printed in The Financial, it was a recap of a Rasmussen Reports telephone survey that covered a variety of topics having to do with the Obama Administration. Included were questions regarding the recent passage of what is now known as the Healthy, Hungry Free Kids Act.


The decline of B&I foodservice?

It seems that assigning reporters to visit local non-commercial cafeterias may be coming a popular pastime for newspaper editors. I commented last month on the Washington Post’s article on the quality of federal offices cafeterias in D.C. This week, it was the Columbus Dispatch’s turn to sample 5 B&I cafeterias in and around Ohio’s capital city.

Tofu, veggie patties or even turkey burgers aside, beef is still on the menu. According to college foodservice officials, beef is very much in demand and holds its own among the array of alternatives—chicken, pork, fish and vegan options.

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