Teams managed by 40% to 60% women had higher employee and client retention, employee engagement and more.
Appearances can be deceiving.
Tastes shift from the traditional in FSD’s 2017 LTC/Senior Living Census. Read on to see how things have changed from 2016—and how operators are responding to new demands across the board.
Vegetables with labels such as “crispy” and “caramelized” were chosen more often than those with more basic descriptions.
As consumer demands change, operators are looking beyond traditional dining halls to new retail options.
K-12 operators have a fight on their hands: hiring, training and retaining the best teams possible. For an update on these issues, here is the 2017 K-12 Census.
Researches are trying various seasonings to keep kids from throwing produce in the trash.
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We combed through data from our College and University Census, Hospital Census and Long-Term Care/Senior Living Census for the most surprising variations in menu trends and expectations.
Yet those changes don’t need to cost a fortune, says a leader of the study.
A review of what students typically order online shows the old favorites still holding strong.


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