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Save on labor, waste by streamlining kitchen procedures

As operating costs continue to rise—not to mention prolonged concerns presented by the labor shortage—two of the biggest challenges operators face in the quick-service space are flavor consistency and saving time in the kitchen. Efficiency gains in the back of house remain critical to preparing foods quickly, consistently and in high volumes, but with a high-turnover workforce, many kitchens experience slowdowns or bottlenecks that can detract from food quality and speed of service.

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Back of house solutions that help operators mitigate some of these risks may hold the key to improving cost, performance, and ultimately the guest experience.

The secret ingredient is simplicity

Today’s consumers want it all: quick service, affordable prices and flavors that suit specific tastes. That can be a tall order for the quick-service and fast-casual restaurant industry. With tight margins, staff turnover and ever-changing customer preferences, owners and operators can be challenged to balance customer expectations with the need to remain efficient in the back of house. Adding new flavors to the menu at even a smaller, regional chain can be challenging as it’s essential to balance product consistency with the ability to scale up quickly.

Sauces, condiments and dressings allow menu flexibility that can scale up easily. By using pouch-based condiments and sauces from a packaging solution like Cryovac FlexPrep® Dispensing, operators can manage portion-control, enjoy shelf-life advantages and use less storage space in the kitchen than they would with traditional rigid options like cans or wide-mouth jars.

Pouch-based condiments make it easy for all employees to help deliver a consistent flavor profile for customers. Hermetically-sealed, flexible packaging eliminates the need to transfer products from larger containers, reducing the risk for spoilage or contamination and ultimately increasing food safety outcomes. And without the need to tear, cut or puncture the package, workers don’t need to worry about the risk of injury.

Saving space without cutting corners, the FlexPrep Dispensing system helps improve customer experience without compromising speed of service or cost. Additionally, the low-profile packaging takes up less space than traditional canisters or jars and reduces primary packaging content by as much as 85%, which helps control waste. The pouches stay sealed until put in the dispensing unit, so product shelf life and yield rates are lengthened, which also serves to reduce total costs, since product is less likely to expire before being used. With Cryovac FlexPrep Dispensing, foodservice operators can stock more options of sauces and condiments while keeping products safe and fresh—all without the need to increase the size of the kitchen.

Hermetically sealed pouch-based condiments can have a big impact across foodservice operations, helping savvy foodservice professionals improve the customer experience while simplifying back-of-house operations.

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