We all know today’s foodservice consumer is craving real foods and making much more informed choices. And Simplot has more of the diverse foods they desire, helping you nurture their needs and your business. We’ve stayed true to our founder’s roots to deliver a market-leading lineup of relevant, delicious foods you can trust—all backed by over 80 years of proven foodservice expertise. Starting from the invention of the first commercial french fry and continuing to this day, we deliver a market-leading lineup of relevant, delicious foods.

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New ways to offer a customer favorite

Fries can present a bit of a conundrum for noncommercial foodservice operators. They are almost always going to be included on a menu because they are one of the most ubiquitous of sides. But there’s ...


Food trends come and go, but fries remain a culinary constant

The enduring popularity of the potato is fueled by its versatility and pairing ability as a perfect side dish. From quick-service restaurants to the finest steak houses, the french fry is there. Frenc...

Keeping french fries hot and crispy as they travel to a is more science than art these days.

The versatile nature of this popular dish has inspired dozens of variations that mirror the appetites and ordering habits of guests.

Experimenting with roasted vegetables is one way to meet students’ demand for plant-based meals.

Incorporating roasted fruit is a quick, easy way for foodservice operators to deliver delicious boosts of flavor intensity that help menu items stand out from the crowd.

Save time with prepared and ready-to-use avocado products.

To get some inspiration for fall menu items, check out these three trends.

Download this infographic to learn how roasted vegetables are rising in popularity on menus.

Check out this infographic to learn how roasted vegetables intensify flavor in your plant-based menu items for crave-able favorites.