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Facing off against fast-casual catering

Have-it-your-way menus and relaxed, help-yourself experiences at fast-casual restaurants are changing customers’ expectations for catering in a big way.


Pretty imperfect produce

Secondhand produce is perfectly edible fruits and vegetables that can’t be sold to stores because of cosmetic imperfections, but it tastes normal.

Instead of trying to find healthy (yet still convincing) substitutes for the butter or sugar in his peach cobbler, David Cohen tried a different approach.

From making small batches every 10 to 15 minuts to preparing scratch-made bases, operators say it's possible to create home-cooked taste in minimal time.

As consumers grow more health-conscious, operators are finding the drinkable morning meals appeal to all age groups looking for on-the-go alternatives.

Turn taste up a notch with fresh spices and cooking techniques.

Brian Seto of Legacy Health created a gluten-free, vegan rice pudding.

Michigan State University had quite a challenge on its hands when setting out to develop a vegan version of macaroni and cheese.

Here are three ways operators can create fruit salads that keep customers coming back.

Small plates offer delicious, artful fare for a fraction of the calories.

Right now, it seems like everyone wants to experiment with eating gluten-free or vegan.

From protein and produce to packaged foods, operators are seeking out simpler, less processed fare.

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