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Does it make sense to offer foodservice employees daily pay?

Earned wage access isn’t right for every operation, Advice Guy says. However, if the idea is appealing to your current and prospective employees, it's worth exploring.


When hiring a manager, is it OK to ask for references of workers they've supervised?

Checking specific types of references, such as former employers and former employees, can provide useful perspective, Advice Guy says.

Many foodservice operations have a weekly all-hands deep clean, at least in the back of house, a practice our Advice Guy highly recommends.

For signs about employee handwashing and the like, food and drink concepts shouldn’t test the limits of health code compliance, Advice Guy says.

Many people look at the beginning of the year as a time for new opportunities, but resignations should be approached as a conversation, Advice Guy says.

Books by industry leaders are a great tool to help you think about your own hospitality goals, Advice Guy says.

Find a number high enough to build excitement for the gig but low enough that it's no big deal if it doesn’t work out, Advice Guy says.

Engage employees in the conversation and work to change the culture to get staff to want to continue contributing, Advice Guy says.

Whether the meeting is during regular work hours or outside of them, onsite or offsite, required or optional, you’ll need to pay at least full minimum wage to hourly staffers, Advice Guy says.

While it may seem that workers who do not regularly handle food shouldn’t need to follow the same regulations as prep and line cooks, the same standards should and do apply, Advice Guy says.

The short answer is no, Advice Guy says, as doing so can have legal ramifications and dent staff morale.

Many chefs know how to value their time when negotiating a salary, but when consulting other businesses on new food products or recipe development, things are less clear, Advice Guy says.

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