Food as medicine 2.0: Why doctors are switching their lab coats for chef's jackets


At the Menu Directions conference, Restaurant Business Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Maze and Senior Editor Pat Cobe presented their up-to-the-minute take on what onsite foodservice can learn from restaurants like First Watch, McDonalds, Bojangles and Starbucks for menus that work harder for your bottom line.

From AI as a menu-planning tool to pickling vegetable scraps, these ideas are ready to put into action, courtesy of the Menu Directions conference.

Katie Belflower, editor at Technomic, broke down menu trends by demographics at the FoodService Director's MenuDirections conference.

During a session at FoodService Director’s annual MenuDirections conference, the team shared how they build staffs’ confidence in the kitchen and get them to excited about scratch-made meals.