Charting a new future for farm to school

On the latest episode of "Dig In," FSD revisits how New Mexico's Approved Supplier Program seeks to reimagine the farm-to-school supply chain.

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What would a more equitable farm-to-school system look like, and how could that become a reality? 

As the farm-to-school and nutrition specialist for New Mexico's Public Education Department, Kendal Chavez is working to answer questions like these. The state is now in the midst of a pilot for its Approved Supplier Program, an initiative that aims to help small farmers get their products into schools and elsewhere. 

“We may say we want to do farm to school and we may provide funds for schools, but if there's no capacity for the program to function and farmers don't have a support system to sell their food equitably and extensively across the state, then we're kind of missing the mark,” Chavez said in a recent interview withFSD'sBenita Gingerella.

On this episode of "Dig In,"FSD Editor-in-Chief Kelsey Nash narrates "Making farm-to-school accessible for all," an article written by Gingerella and published on Jan. 12. 

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