UConn to host bug-themed dinner

Bug Themed Dinner
Photograph: Shutterstock

Next week, University of Connecticut’s dining services will host a “Bug Feast” event, serving up a variety of insect dishes, including cricket-flour crepes and a green tea silkworm smoothie.

A UConn entomology professor came up with the idea for Tuesday’s event, which is being held in the school’s Rome Commons, and will be on hand as guest speaker, according to student news outlet The Daily Campus.

UConn Dining Services Director C. Dennis Pierce told The Daily Campus that he envisions the event as a “daring experience.”

“We feel that we have an obligation to be part of the education of exposing students to new recipes and make them aware of their culinary journeys,” he said.

Interested students are able to make reservations for the dinner through today.

Read the full story via The Daily Campus.


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