Foodservice operators have a new option for plant-based menu items

Photograph: Daiya

In recent years, the foodservice industries have focused heavily on introducing plant-based meat analogues to its menus to appeal to consumers looking for plant-based options. And now that plant-based proteins are more mainstream, foodservice operators are looking beyond, to products such as plant-based cheese, for complementing existing menu items.  While serving plant-based meat with dairy cheese is ideal for flexitarians, to meet and address the needs of consumers with stricter diets, it’s time for restaurants and foodservice operators to expand their vegan efforts and incorporate dairy-free options.

Plant-based menu options have been one of the fastest-growing trends in foodservice for the past several years. Currently, plant-based cheese is on 5.2% of U.S. menus, with a projected growth to 8.7% in 2026, according to Datassential. Given this growing trend, college campuses, business and industry cafeterias and other foodservice operators are wise to focus on including dairy-free, plant-based cheese alternatives as part of their offerings.

Daiya, a pioneer of plant-based products, is committed to meeting consumers wherever they are dining, whether that is at home, or at a foodservice facility. The brand’s Plant-Based Cream Cheeze is excitingly making its comeback to the foodservice industry with a new and improved recipe that answers the call for a more versatile, spreadable and smooth vegan cream cheese that is perfect for use in a wide range of culinary applications. Whip it, spread it or use it to add creaminess, Daiya has operators covered as they look to exceed the expectations for customers’ sweet and savory favorites; now available in a two-pound tub format.

A July 2021 study from Hanover found that 48% of consumers are more likely to go to a foodservice location offering vegetarian or vegan options rather than a restaurant without those offerings. For operators expanding and diversifying ingredient lists to represent various dietary preferences ensures new ways of growing business that also promotes accessibility and sustainability.

There’s no reason diners shouldn’t be able to enjoy the foods they love with a vegan twist. Daiya's in-house R&D Chef, Chef Luis Lopez, has created a range of recipe ideas using its Cream Cheeze, allowing operators to integrate plant-based options into menus leading up to the busy holiday season:

  • Chocolate Espresso Cheezecake—This decadent cheezecake is made with Daiya Cream Cheeze and Feta Style Block for a rich bite, along with a shot of espresso to deepen its chocolate flavor. It comes together quickly in a food processor with no baking required!
  • Cream Cheeze Frosting—The glossy, plant-based, cream cheeze glaze is operators’ new go-to. It’s easy to make and delicious on pastries, including cinnamon rolls, muffins, loaves and cakes.
  • Savory Spreads—These flavorful Cream Cheeze-based spreads, including Roasted Jalapeno & Garlic and Fig & Balsamic flavors, make a tasty, gourmet addition to any charcuterie board — a fan favorite appetizer.


Whether operators are currently serving plant-based options or are looking to expand or revamp menu items, now is the time to recognize and meet the wide range of wants and needs of consumers.

As well as cream cheeze, Daiya also offers a range of delicious, plant-based, dairy-free products such as shreds and slices across foodservice formats.  

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