Ease the labor crunch with quick-prep menu solutions

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The past two years have brought about a massive structural shift in the foodservice employment landscape, forcing operators to rethink their menus, their processes, and their overall business models.

The industry has been slow to recover from the massive job losses that occurred at the start of the pandemic, and many workers have found employment opportunities in other industries or shunned foodservice jobs for other reasons.

Foodservice providers, from healthcare facilities and corporate accounts to colleges and universities and K-12 cafeterias, are facing labor challenges that, while improving, show few signs of letting up. Technomic’s 2021 Year-End Economic Impact Navigator report found that 70% of foodservice companies said they are having trouble filling positions, especially back-of-house workers. As a result, many foodservice operations are seeking to operate with fewer employees while streamlining their offerings to focus on optimizing efficiencies. The increasing labor challenges also come as operators face rising ingredient costs and other inflationary pressures.

Perhaps the most effective way that foodservice operators can navigate these headwinds is with high-quality menu items that require minimal labor and offer quick and easy preparation.

The Tyson Red Label® line provides solutions for foodservice operators across all industry segments, including a tiered product offering at a range of price points that can help foodservice operators work within their budget constraints to find the right products to meet their needs.

When it comes to keeping a lid on back-of-house costs, Tyson Red Label® poultry products come with built-in labor savings. Many are fully cooked, seasoned and breaded, ready to drop in the fryer or pop into the oven. Partially cooked, breaded and seasoned items allow operators to apply the finishing touches in-house, and can still be prepared in minutes without messy, labor-intensive prep and cleanup that traditional back-of-house breaded chicken products call for.

While products in the Tyson Red Label® line were designed for quick and easy preparation, they were also tested* and proven to hold up in delivery conditions, maintaining their quality and flavor throughout. Their ability to retain their great taste and texture over time make them ideally suited for takeout and delivery applications, in addition to serving as the featured ingredients in made-to-order menu items.

With products that include bone-in and boneless wings, nuggets, filets, tenders, patties and more, the Tyson Red Label® line can help operators meet consumer demands for flavorful, on-trend menu items, such as spicy chicken sandwiches or sharable finger foods with dipping sauces. In addition, all chicken in the Tyson Red Label® product line is raised with No Antibiotics Ever, and 100% All-Natural varieties are also available.

For more information about how to ease back-of-house labor challenges using Tyson Red Label® products, visit Tyson Red Label® Delivery.

*Tyson Red Label® products were tested in a simulated delivery environment, placed in fiber to-go containers and held in an insulated pizza bag for 30 minutes before serving

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