Drive foodservice sales with top-selling sauces and dressings

Prepared dressings and dipping sauces offer a simple strategy to let diners customize their meal, and single-serve portions can up the convenience-factor even more.

For the last year, streamlining has been the name of the game for many foodservice operators. Across noncommercial categories, simplified solutions and convenient formats have been crucial to maintain high margins and satisfied customers.

To prepare for success on the path to recovery, operators can boost consumer appeal by bringing variety to the menu—but this doesn’t mean they need to complicate their recipes or add more ingredients to the inventory. Quick, prepared solutions, such as dressings and sauces, can add a fresh twist across meal parts, dayparts and cuisine types, offering diners the chance to customize their meal just the way they like it.

Strategies for grab-and-go

Turning away from fresh-prepared offerings and self-serve amenities has been a top strategy for many operators in the noncommercial space. According to Technomic’s June 2021 How Noncommercial Recovers Post-COVID-19 report, 46% of operators say they’ve added more prepackaged grab-and-go offerings to their menu, and 52% say they expect this to be a permanent change post-pandemic.

Consumers are keen on customizing, however, especially as shifts to digital platforms amid the pandemic have made opportunities to customize foodservice orders more and more of an expectation. Operators don’t have to choose between the appeal of customizable options and the timesaving convenience of prepared foods. Premade dressings and sauces in single-serve packets and cups, such as those from Ken’s, are the perfect no-fuss solution to bring variety to the grab-and-go menu.

Dressings and sauces in high demand

Menu variety isn’t just important for bringing in new customers—it’s key to keep them coming back, too. If a diner has the chance to change things up with a fresh flavor or different topping, they’ll be less likely to grow tired of the operator’s offerings, even after repeat visits.

Prepared dressings and dipping sauces offer a simple strategy to let diners customize their meal, and single-serve portions can up the convenience-factor even more. Single-serve packets and cups are a more sanitary alternative to the standard condiment station in the dining area, and pre-portioned containers mean employees don’t have to take an extra step to serve sauces.

For operators looking to choose a selection of crowd-pleasing dressing options, prioritizing consumers favorite flavors is key. According to Ignite menu data, ranch dressing ranks No. 1 among dressings in terms of menu penetration, and other classics also rank high in popularity, such as balsamic vinaigrette, Italian dressing and Caesar dressing. Extra-dippable dressings, such as bleu cheese and honey mustard, are top choices, too—and Ken’s is a one-stop shop for all of these flavors and more.

Turning to a trusted provider with an array of both classic and innovative flavors in single-serve packets and cups is a smart strategy, and turning to Ken’s is a great way to ensure quality and consistency every time. With dressings from Ken’s, customization is easy—and that’s a win for operators and diners alike. To learn more about products from Ken’s, visit

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