Recipe report: Holiday sides

A turkey or roast may be the centerpiece of a holiday meal, but many diners most look forward to the sides. While tried-and-true recipes are always a hit, why not try something new this season? Get started with one or more of these dishes.


Recipe report: Pizza time

The surge in delivery and takeout during the pandemic has pushed pizza sales sky-high. While there’s plenty of good pizza coming out of restaurants, scratch-made pies are rewarding for both the cook and customer. Tired of the same old toppings? Try one of these five new spins.

As the weather turns chilly and the holidays approach, baking season gets into full gear. Baking not only soothes the baker, as the muffins, cakes, pies and cookies that emerge from the oven are the ultimate comfort foods consumers are seeking now. So light your ovens and get started with these five comforting recipes.

Our Recipedia database includes thousands of recipes, but certain dishes repeatedly rise to the top. Take a look at five recipes that have become all-time favorites.

Football games and baseball playoffs are in full swing, even if stadium seats have to remain empty. But spectators are still tuned in to televised or livestreamed games—and need food to fuel their sports passion. For fans tired of chips and dip, here are five chef-inspired game-day snacks that should hit the spot.

With coronavirus restrictions still in place, portable foods continue to be in high demand at schools, colleges, healthcare operations and office buildings. These five recipes lend themselves well to grab and go, takeout and delivery.

With a chill in the air across much of the country, the siren call of comfort foods is gaining steam. A hearty bowl of chili can fit the bill on both fronts. Spice up the menu with one of these five chili varieties, several of which have a plant-forward spin.

It’s hard to keep track of all the dates set aside to celebrate specific foods, but pasta gets a whole month of recognition in October. In honor of National Pasta Month, here are five comforting recipes featuring spaghetti, fettuccine, farfalle and other favorite noodle shapes.

Chicken is the most popular protein on menus, and many customers continue to crave their favorite preps. But why not add a new chicken dish to the lineup this fall to excite more adventurous eaters? Start with these five globally influenced recipes.

Consumers are still craving comfort foods, but those don’t necessarily have to focus on hearty portions of meat. The five recipes here spotlight vegetables, grains and other plants, rounded out by smaller amounts of beef, chicken, seafood or cheese.

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