Recipe report: Low-stress dishes for stressful times

The coronavirus crisis has depleted kitchen workforces and closed a lot of foodservice facilities. But students, the work-from-home crowd and restaurant customers still need to get fed. These five low-labor recipes, adaptable to takeout and delivery, can help ease the stress.


Recipe report: Comfort foods

The coronavirus crisis is putting a tremendous amount of stress on the foodservice industry and the individuals it touches—from operators to employees, consumers and more. This is the time for comfort foods that can soothe, nourish and satisfy us. These five recipes do just that.

The coronavirus outbreak has forced many operators to abandon salad bars and buffets for the time being. To reduce the risk of spread, portable foods and grab-and-go menu items are a smart solution. These five recipes offer ideas that can be put into action right now.

March can be a fickle month, with temperatures fluctuating almost daily between winter and spring. Salads that are adaptable to the erratic weather make for smart menu choices. These five seasonal recipes fit the bill.

With the start of the Lenten season, many operators are looking to add meatless dishes to the menu. These five recipes offer inspiration by putting seafood and vegetarian ingredients in the spotlight.

Mardi Gras, which translates to Fat Tuesday, falls on Feb. 25 this year. Revelers typically celebrate with indulgent food and drink on that night to mark their last meal before Lent begins. These five recipes showcase New Orleans flavors and traditional Mardi Gras fare.

The meteoric rise of plant-based and other non-beef patties is pushing operators to think outside the burger box. These five recipes will expand the selection and win over burger fans.

Next week is a big one for celebratory food and drink, with the Academy Awards telecast on Sunday and Valentine’s Day on Friday. Get the party started with these six innovative recipes.

Local farm-fresh fruits and vegetables may be scarce right now, but there is plenty of winter produce on the market. These five recipes make the most of these ingredients, combining them to create healthy, comforting winter dishes.

Super Bowl and chicken wings are a pairing that never goes out of style. Looking for some new variations on the classic? Start with one of these globally-flavored wing recipes.

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