Recipe report: Grilling season is here

Get ready for grilling season with these five recipes.


Recipe report: Get ready for Cinco de Mayo

Last year, Cinco de Mayo fell during the height of the first COVID-19 wave, nixing the traditional food and drink tie-ins. With dine-in restrictions now loosened up a bit and takeout options going strong, here are five recipes fit for a 2021 celebration on May 5.

As the weather gets warmer, drinks should get cooler.

Spring menus are getting sweeter and more colorful with the variety of fresh fruits coming into season. Desserts are the perfect platform to showcase the beauty of this bounty, as these five recipes prove.

April 22 is officially designated as Earth Day, but many operations are planning related programs throughout the month. A good place to start is with the menu, adding earth-friendly recipes that minimize waste, promote sustainability and reduce impact on the environment. These five dishes fit the bill.

April marks the start of spring holiday season, beginning with Easter this Sunday. A new menu item or creative preparation is a fitting way to celebrate these events or turn any balmy spring day into a special occasion. For inspiration, tap one of these five recipes.

Chicken is a popular, cost-effective and versatile protein to offer on menus year-round, but spring calls for a recipe refresh. These five easy dishes combine chicken with innovative flavor profiles and ingredients to give the menu a seasonal boost.

The demand keeps growing for plant-based and veggie-forward dishes, and scratch-made items can tempt even the most devoted meat eaters. These five recipes make the most of nuts, grains and beans to showcase plants in tasty ways.

Pi Day has evolved into a March celebration, happening every year on 3.14, the numerical value of pi. It also makes a good excuse to add some sweet and savory pies to the menu. Pizza, hand pies, tarts and more can all qualify, as these five recipes demonstrate.

March can be a tricky month to create a salad menu, as spring ingredients are not yet available in many areas and winter produce is getting a bit boring. These five recipes bridge the seasonal gap and can easily freshen up your salad selection.

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