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QUIZ: How does your operation stack up when it comes to ordering?

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No matter what it’s called—mobile ordering, online ordering, pre-ordering, etc.–the convenience and contactless nature of being able to order and pay for food from personal devices is the new standard for the new normal. Customers expect it, seek it, prefer it, and there’s never been a better time for foodservice operators to reevaluate and refine their processes to succeed at it.

Whether a foodservice location is brand new to online ordering, had to jump in to meet immediate safety needs during the pandemic or is more experienced at it, there’s always room for improvement. Foodservice operators may be feeling pressure, pain and anxiety about undergoing this ordering quest, but in the end, it will take both the Customer Experience (CX) and the Operator Experience (OX) to the next level.

Customer Experience (CX): In short, it's what the customer thinks, feels and does—all of the opinions, perceptions and emotional resonance customers have when they discover a brand, peruse a menu, order and enjoy their food and continue to engage with all aspects of an operation.

Delivering a delightful, intuitive and convenient CX is critical for an ordering program that wins over customers and leads to loyalty, stronger sales and big smiles.

Operator Experience (OX): This is what a foodservice facility team goes through—the ease, simplicity and efficiency with which foodservice staff can deliver, scale and maintain a positive Customer Experience.

Mastering efficient workflows and automations for any ordering program is essential to having a next-level OX. Save countless hours, reduce labor and remove human error to create a win-win ordering program for customers and the operation.

The key to winning? Getting both CX and OX right for a seamless ordering program. It’s time to see where your foodservice location is in its journey and what needs to happen for all-encompassing success.

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Take this quiz to get an analysis of where your operation stands when it comes to ordering. Our analysis will mark your current level and supply you with actionable items and resources to get the know-how you need to level up, conquer ordering and turn your operation into a star player.

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