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We are a small district and I am the only foodservice manager, overseeing four schools with on-site kitchens and two schools with catered services. I do not have administrative support or supervisors, so everything comes directly to my attention. I was receiving emails from district staff asking me the same questions over and over again, and it took me a lot of time to respond. I realized that all of the information was available to staff but in all different locations (websites, Google Docs, Google Forms, menus). I determined that organizing a Food Service FAQ Google Doc with information and links to needed documents would be an organized approach to getting information into the hands of school staff that need it. The Doc contains information on things such as meal pricing, menus, applications, meal debiting procedure, special diets and foodservice staff contact information. The Google Doc link is shared with faculty in their weekly staff newsletter, as well as with all new staff. 

Sarah Schreifels
Food Service Manager
Intermediate School District 287
Plymouth, Minn.

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