Frozen Raspberry Limeade

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T. Cole Newton

Twelve Mile Limit

New Orleans

Twelve Mile Limit is a popular New Orleans watering hole with a patio that serves comfort food and drinks—both with and without alcohol. T. Cole Newton created this summer refresher with frozen raspberries, simple syrup and lime. It’s a thirst-quenching beverage on its own, but can be spiked with rum to make a fruity daiquiri.


6 oz. frozen red raspberries (whole or crumbles)

4 oz. simple syrup (3 parts sugar to 2 parts water)

4 oz. lime juice

6 oz. crushed ice


1. Measure all ingredients into blender container. Cover and blend until well mixed and frosty.

2. To serve, pour into stemmed glass.

Photo courtesy of Washington Red Raspberries

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