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Kelsey Nash is managing editor of FoodService Director, overseeing both print and digital content for the brand. Prior to joining Winsight Media's foodservice group, she specialized in B2B creative across a number of industries, including financial services, foodservice, construction and insurance.

She has yet to meet a burger she doesn’t like.

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Recipe report: It’s chili season

With a chill in the air across much of the country, the siren call of comfort foods is gaining steam. A hearty bowl of chili can fit the bill on both fronts. Spice up the menu with one of these five chili varieties, several of which have a plant-forward spin.


Healthcare operations lean on ‘car hop’ service to get meals safely to visitors, guests

Two teams managed by Cura Hospitality are bringing the cafeteria to the parking lot.

College foodservice teams across the country are preparing for a semester unlike any other.

Colleges are beginning to announce their plans for next semester as many prepare for a return to in-person classes.

As foodservice operations go contact-free to reduce the spread of coronavirus, here’s a look at two cashierless concepts that were seeing success before the pandemic hit.

Before the coronavirus hit, a college dining team tapped into a simple wellness program that resonated.

Keeping staff engaged, especially when they’re furloughed, can be a particular challenge.

UC Irvine Medical Center is still “waiting for our surge,” but the dining team has found ways to step up service in the meantime.

Colleges are highlighting familiar faces and favorite recipes to keep students engaged with foodservice even after returning home.

IU Dining Executive Director Rahul Shrivastav shares how Indiana University is adapting amid the coronavirus pandemic.

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, foodservice teams are cooking up fresh ways to connect with diners.

The insurance provider has teamed up with a local organization to help prepare meals for area seniors.

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