Vegetarian Station Opens as Part of Hosp. Wellness

A new vegetarian station opened in the cafeteria at Simi Valley Hosp., CA, this fall as part of a commitment to whole mind and body wellness under the Adventist Health Center system.

"Many people will question offering something vegetarian, but is it any good?" notes Sodexho Marriott Svcs. fsd Rene Cabrera. "We list the nutritional profile of all the entrees we feature to prove to the customers just how good their choices are."

$1.65 meal: Customers have the option of two entrees daily, one vegan (no dairy) selection and another lacto-ovo-vegetarian (including milk, eggs and dairy products) for just $1.65, along with three side salads sold by the ounce.

Hospital visitors and area residents are invited to enjoy the cafeteria along with the hospital employees. The Vegetarian Cuisine station operates every day and changes its menu cycle every four weeks.

Among the favorite items so far: vegetarian paella; a roasted vegetable Napoleon (a phyllo dough pastry filled with layers of herb-roasted vegetables); and a Hawaiian stir-fry with sweet yams.

"We make everything from-scratch using fresh fruits and vegetables in order to contain our costs," says Cabrera.

Busy nurses: Everything at the Vegetarian Cuisine station is also available to-go. "Healthcare food means take-out, especially for the nurses who run in and out in a hurry with their order and are always on the go," she points out.

The cafeteria serves an average of 600 customers daily.



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