Trim labor and appeal to on-the-go consumers with micro markets

Photograph courtesy of VVS Canteen

Virtually all sectors of foodservice are reporting struggles with staffing—from working with skeleton crews to having too small a labor pool to recruit from, not to mention rising wages putting additional pressure on budgeting.

With the advent of micro markets, though, operators can ease their worries without stretching labor costs. Micro markets—unattended stores that offer consumers automated cashless payment from self-checkout kiosks, which are designed with open product shelving for easy browsing—are an ideal way to ensure customers have access to the foods they want without needing to staff a store with a cashier or other clerks. This leaves the opportunity for operators to have employees do other work, such as cleaning or fresh food prep in other areas of the facility, without losing sales on packaged and grab-and-go snacks and foods.

Serving up convenience without sacrificing quality

Micro markets are the perfect avenue for stocking consumers’ favorite snacks and foods from the brands they know and love. By stocking markets with familiar products that customers already enjoy, operators can ensure they’re capturing the sales that can help bolster their businesses. According to NAMA data, while only 14% of vending operators reported growth during the pandemic, 21% of micro market operators did—a huge opportunity for foodservice operators not yet taking advantage of micro markets.[1]

As for what to stock shelves with, it’s crucial for operators to add brands that consumers know and love. According to Technomic’s recent Snacking Consumer Trend Report, 56% of consumers say that when they’re choosing a snack, it’s important the snack is from a brand of food or beverage that they like to eat. Campbell’s Foodservice has everything operators need, with grab-and-go snacks from Snyder’s of Hanover®, Cape Cod® and Kettle Brand®.

By taking advantage of the convenience micro markets offer, operators can ensure their customers are satisfied as always without worrying about adding to their labor costs. To learn more about the available offerings for vending and micro markets from Campbell’s Foodservice, click here.

[1]NAMA Census, data gathered from April through June 2021 and published August 2021


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