Dining hall food exonerated in Georgia College outbreak

Tests uncovered that the true culprit behind a rash of student illnesses was norovirus.
Dining hall food
Photograph: Shutterstock

Despite concerns that food from Georgia College’s dining halls may have recently made over a dozen students ill, tests uncovered that the actual culprit behind the outbreak was norovirus.

Last week, dining halls on the Milledgeville, Ga., campus were closed for one day after students reported falling sick. The eateries reopened after the local health department found nothing that would keep the school from continuing with normal foodservice, Fox 5 reports

"Please note that there is no evidence that any of the illnesses we have seen were the result of food contamination from any of our dining facilities," a school official said Tuesday, according to Fox 5.

Read the full story via Fox 5.


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