‘Brain boxes’ offer a boost to Stony Brook University students during finals

The boxes contain superfoods aimed at improving focus and fighting inflammation.
Brain boxes at Stony Brook
Photo courtesy of Stony Brook University

To help students at Stony Brook University power through finals, Campus Dietitian Laura Martorano created a set of “brain boxes” aimed at improving focus and combating inflammation.

While it can be difficult to grab college students’ attention, they are at an age where they should really start listening to health-related content, Martorano says, adding that boxes are a trendy way to get information and products directly into students’ hands. 

For each brain box, she compiled six snack items sold on the Stony Brook, N.Y., campus, where dining is run by CulinArt, including dark chocolate almonds, fig bars, pistachio and popcorn. 

The components provide fiber, protein and are “superfood powered,” she says, noting that “inflammation is a huge problem—not just with students, but with everybody.” 

The boxes sell for $17.99—a $6 discount from the cost of the items purchased separately—and students can buy them with their dining dollars. 

In addition to snacks, they include a stress ball, a smoothie recipe, Martorano’s business card and a superfood guide that directs students to additional resources on stress reduction and wellness. Versions without nuts are also available.

Brain boxes

Photo courtesy of Stony Brook University

Martorano started by making 15 boxes, which sold out, and soon added more.

In addition, the boxes are labeled and packed like “a nice little present,” she says, with the goal of providing an experience for students who open them. 



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