Why Choose A Ventless Oven For University Foodservice


There are many variables to consider when hunting for college or university kitchen equipment. One of the first things to consider is the kitchen layout and whether ventless equipment is the right choice. Both vented and ventless ovens come with their advantages, but ultimately, the decision comes down to operational needs.

Budget friendly

Ventless ovens are a good option when working with a tight budget. These ovens don’t produce the same smoke, grease and odor as vented ovens, so they don’t need a hood ventilation system to evacuate those byproducts. Since they don’t require a hood, their upfront price can be significantly less expensive than a vented oven. On top of that, they don’t come with installation costs. They also have fewer ongoing operational costs, like ductwork repairs and professional cleaning, so they’re more cost-effective to maintain.

Limited staff

Labor can account for as much as 35% of gross sales, which is why many schools have limited foodservice staff. If a facility is operating with a streamlined staff, vented ovens can be even more stressful to maintain. Since they release more byproducts such as grease, they require more cleaning, which means they’re more labor-intensive. And when working with a lower labor budget, labor-intensive equipment gets in the way.

Non-traditional kitchen space

If there’s limited back-of-house space in a school’s kitchen layout, or if operators are looking for a unit that saves space and offers flexibility, a ventless oven may be the answer. Without the necessity of a hood, operators have more freedom with where they can put a ventless oven. Ventless ovens can go on any wall—not just an exterior-facing wall—and don’t take up as much square footage. They are also less complicated to install, so they can be easily moved from one location to another.

Evolving menus

Today, students are more informed and have higher expectations for the food they consume. School menus are constantly changing to be inclusive of students' dietary needs and taste preferences. The right ventless oven can help operators keep up with the current food trends. Many ventless ovens have more innovative features that support the diverse tastes of diners today. Take the Ovention Shuttle® 2600, for example. It’s a traditional conveyor oven and closed-cavity oven wrapped into one, which means it’ll accommodate just about any menu option, all while being ventless. It’s perfect for serving up 1,000 slices of pizza during the lunch rush or prepping grilled chicken for a salad bar.

Ventless is the future

Students nowadays are more informed than ever about the way their food is prepared, and they want to make sure it is more environmentally friendly. This is one of the reasons why ventless cooking equipment is the right choice for many colleges and universities. Opting for electric cooking equipment over traditional gas equipment helps reduce schools’ carbon footprints. With ventless ovens, operators get all these benefits without the added expenses and lack of versatility that often comes with vented alternatives. Read more about how the University of New Hampshire benefited from choosing ventless equipment for its campus.

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