Feast, University of California, Los Angeles

At UCLA's Feast dining hall, restaurant-quality Asian meets high-end design.

Feast, the new all-asian dining hall at the university of California, Los Angeles, was designed to evoke a restaurant feel to go along with its authentic Asian cuisine. Daryl Ansel, director of food and beverage, sent FSD photos of the space and menu items to show everything this new dining hall has to offer.

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Feast was UCLA's way to improve customer counts at a location that was not heavily trafficked. The department decided that theming the dining hall would be a good way to attract customers. Asian was chosen as the theme from student input. The dining hall roates serving seven types of Asian cuisine—Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai and Hawaiian.

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Spice Kitchen is where students can get entrée-style dishes at Feast. The dining hall features two of the seven Asian cuisines per meal. Currently the hall is open for lunch only because of staffing, but Ansel says he hopes to be open for dinner next semester.

Snapshots, UCLA, Feast, Spice Kitchen, Carmelized ShrimpFeast's Korean Carmelized Shrimp.

Snapshots, UCLA, Feast, Spice Kitchen, Sushi

Spice Kitchen also serves housemade sushi like this Seasoned Spinach Sushi Roll.

Snapshots, UCLA, Feast, Stone Oven

Stone Oven functions as Feast's "pizza" station, only it offers flatbreads with asian-appropriate toppings.

Snapshots, UCLA, Feast, Stone Oven, Tofu Lemongrass Flatbread

A Tofu Lemon Grass Flatbread from the Stone Oven station.

Snapshots, UCLA, Feast, Stone Kitchen, Seafood Black Bean Flatbread

Black bean seafood flatbread from Stone Oven. The station uses two types of dough for its flatbread. One is similar to Indian naan and one is a rice bread.

Snapshots, UCLA, Feast, Cold BarThe salad bar at Feast features an assortment of fresh veggies with an Asian bent.

Snapshots, UCLA, Feast, Salad Bar, Self-serveThe salad bar is a self-serve model.

Snapshots, UCLA, Feast, Vietnamese Tofu Sald

Vietnamese Crispy Tofu Salad.

Snapshots, UCLA, Feast, Soups, Pork Ramen SoupPork Ramen Noodle Soup.

Snapshots, UCLA, Feast, Big Bowl, Korean Soy Bean Sprouts

The Big Bowl station features a variety of items such as stir-frys, noodle dishes and any other asian dish that could be made in a wok, such as these Korean Soybean Sprouts.

Snapshots, UCLA, Feast, Iron Grill, Yuzu Kosho Chicken Sandwich

The Iron Grill station serves as Feast's grill station, which instead of serving burgers serves authentic Asian sandwiches such as banh mi and this Yuzu Kosho Chicken Sandwich.

Snapshots, UCLA, Feast, Iron Grill, Japanese Chicken Sandwich

A Japanese Chicken Sandwich from the Iron Grill station.

Snapshots, UCLA, Feast, Sweets station

Sweets is Feast's dessert station, which serves all kinds of Asian-inspired desserts.

Snapshots, UCLA, Feast, Sweets, Azuki Red Bean Dessert

A Sweet Azuki Red Bean Mousse from the Sweets station.

Snapshots, UCLA, Feast, Seating, Fireplace

Feast features several different dining areas, all of which are designed to emulate a restaurant feel.

Snapshots, UCLA, Feast, Seating areaThe facility offers a variety of seating options from bar seating to booths.Snapshots, UCLA, Feast, Seating area, wideSnapshots, UCLA, Feast, Seating area, surveryAnsel says the design was meant to evoke a "wow" from customers.Snapshots, UCLA, Feast, Seating area booths


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