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Hormel Foodservice, established in 1991, is a leading player in the foodservice industry. We serve the needs of restaurants and foodservice operations of all shapes and sizes. Our long list of operator-friendly foodservice products is an ongoing testimony to the Hormel spirit of innovation.


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Speed up cooking and prep without scrimping on quality

Diners love bacon—at breakfast, on burgers, as a salad topping and more. And foodservice operators know that. In fact, 88% of all noncommercial foodservice facilities have it in some form on their men...


Speed-scratch ingredients create recipe for kitchen efficiency

Speed-scratch ingredients help operators minimize labor costs and ensure menu quality.

Depending on the toppings, a pizza can be traditional, innovative or both. That versatility is key to pleasing college and university students, campus dining operators say.

There’s always been a push-pull between health and indulgence when it comes to eating, between simple fresh food and serious flavor cravings. Today, operators are searching for the key to providing a perfect balance of both.

Consumers are equating health with such attributes as fresh, natural, high protein, high fiber and whole grain, as well as such concepts as authenticity and menu transparency.

For operators, as regional styles such as these become widespread—and widely known—genuine barbecue is as much about finding the right methods, ingredients and flavorings to match a particular region and audience than it is about following an exact Carolina swamp sauce recipe or Texas technique.

Barbecue’s versatility makes it a natural fit for menu items of all kinds, and operators who focus on adding innovative barbecue dishes to their menus will not only find a way to make barbecue their own—they’ll set themselves apart from their competition.

These innovative eateries are ones to watch.