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The new DanoneWave Away From Home is committed to doing better for people and our planet. As the largest public benefit corporation in the world, we're driven to make delicious dairy and plant-based food and beverages, sustainably and transparently.

Our expanded portfolio has something for everyone, so it’s simple to deliver the brands customers want. Plus, our turnkey marketing support and expert sales team can help grow businesses. That’s all kinds of better.


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Don’t Get Left Behind—Foodservice Trends to Know for 2020

Tune in as FoodService Director editors Kelsey Nash, Patricia Cobe and Benita Gingerella discuss the culinary trends, consumer cravings and tech innovations that will influence the foodservice landscape in the year to come.


3 ways to keep campus coffee lovers loyal

Here are a few strategies can help perk up on-campus coffee sales.

The cold brew niche of the coffee market is expanding to quench consumers’ thirst for the smooth beverage.

The “third wave” of coffee has inspired several new trends influencing foodservice today.

Consumers in the study said four key improvements could encourage them to patronize campus dining halls and retail.

Not so long ago, finding non-dairy milk in a supermarket dairy case was a challenge. But these days, that aisle is bursting with plant-based beverage choices.

Schools around the country are modeling several sales-boosting ways to increase both organic offerings and student awareness of them.