Strawberry Yogurt Cones

IngredientsBerries, Dairy, Fruits
Day PartDessert
Menu PartDessert
Cuisine TypeAmerican
Strawberry Yogurt Cones

Source: California Strawberry Commission

Dessert can be sweet, fun and healthy when strawberries and yogurt are the main ingredients. Start with regular or Greek yogurt in plain, lemon, or vanilla flavors and fold in plenty of fresh strawberries to add a serving of fruit.


1 cup fresh California strawberries, stemmed and halved
1 cup non-fat yogurt: plain, vanilla or lemon
4 waffle cones
Colored sprinkles or granola, for garnish


  1. In bowl, gently mix together strawberries and yogurt, reserving 2 to 3 halves for garnish. 
  2. Spoon mixture into waffle cones, dividing equally. If desired, garnish with sprinkles or granola and remaining strawberry slices. Serve with spoons. 

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