Grape Acai Smoothie

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grapes açaí smoothie

Chef Keith Brunell

Nordstrom Cafes

At the cafes in the Nordstrom department stores, smoothies are a popular offering. Chef Brunell creates a beverage that can double as a light breakfast or nutritious snack. The combo of ingredients results in a refreshing smoothie with an appealing color


24 oz. stemmed red grapes

1 tbsp. freeze-dried acai powder

8 oz. bananas, peeled and cut up

3 oz. honey

16 oz. plain whole milk Greek yogurt


1. Place a blender on a scale and add items in this order weighing each item: red Grapes, acai, bananas, honey and yogurt; blend on medium speed for 30 seconds.

2. Increase speed to high; blend 15 to 20 seconds longer or until grapes, bananas and yogurt are emulsified. You may have to use a small rubber spatula to push down the remining yogurt from the sides of the blender and blend 5 to 10 seconds more.

3. Pour smoothie into tall glass. Garnish with a sliced grape and drink at once.

Yogurt may be replaced with vanilla ice cream for a more indulgent shake.

Photograph courtesy of California Table Grape Commission

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