Blackberry Sorbet

Day PartDessert
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Cuisine TypeAmerican

Scott Fausz
Executive Pastry Chef
The Hotel Alyeska
Girdwood, Alaska

Scratch-made fruit sorbets make a refreshing and healthy dessert choice. Since berries don’t always come in with consistent sweetness levels, chef Fausz uses blackberry puree as a base for this version, surrounding the sorbet with fresh blackberries.


13 oz. sugar
17 1/2 oz. water
1 oz. glucose
2 jars (30 oz. each) blackberry puree
10 3/4 oz. water
3 3/4 oz. lemon juice
4/10 oz. citric acid
Fresh blackberries


1. In large saucepan, mix water, sugar and glucose. Brush down sides of pot and bring to a boil; cook until all the sugar has been dissolved. Cool sorbet syrup overnight.
2. In large bowl, combine blackberry puree, water, lemon juice, citric acid and reserved sorbet syrup, whisking until combined.
3. Process in batch freezer or ice cream machine until soft-serve consistency. Transfer to gallon container and freeze overnight to harden.
4. To serve, scoop sorbet into dessert dishes and surround with fresh blackberries.

Photo courtesy of Perfect Puree of Napa Valley

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