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Loving Latino

With the rise of the Latino population, which according to the U.S. Census Bureau will reach 50 million this year, foodservice directors are reporting more interest in foods not only from Mexico but also Central and South America and the Caribbean.


Salads Pick Up the Protein

Adding protein to salads allows foodservice operators to beef up the nutrition factor of entrées already perceived as healthy. Today’s proteins go beyond the mainstream beef, chicken and seafood as operators add less traditional protein optio

With its rich flavors and general health factor—foods rich in protein, fiber and antioxidants—the Mediterranean diet continues to satisfy customers’ demand for authentic ethnic cuisine. Though loosely defined, this cuisine features foods

From the early 1900s, when Louis Diat, head chef at New York’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel, invented vichyssoise by combining potatoes, leeks and onions with cream, diners have enjoyed a growing repertoire of soups that bring refreshment in hot weather.

With the number of celiac disease cases rising, operators are working hard to create menu items that satisfy. Foodservice is all about providing better service to all customers, which for many operat...

Asian food has reached such a level of popularity that, as Yale University Dining Services Director Rafi Taherian puts it: “Asian is no longer a category by itself. It has reached a level where one needs to be a bit more specific such as east, south

From cheese steak to meatloaf, customers still crave comfort—and operators give it to them, sometimes with a healthy twist. Ask anyone to define comfort foods and the answer will vary widely. Fo...

As the temperature drops, the desire for soup heats up in cafés across the country. Soup is popular, no matter the season, but as the colder weather descends on the U.S., many operators ratchet...

As thin becomes “in,” many operators are downsizing their desserts to help customers eat more healthfully. Sweet treats should yield a “nutritional punch,” says Cathy Bart...

Latino cuisine, which encompasses foods from Mexico to the Caribbean to South America, presents an opportunity for directors to meet the needs of a growing segment. Hispanics are estimated to be the n...

With upscale fillings, artisanal breads and ethnic influences, delis are making grab-and-go more fun and healthful. In today’s time-pressured world, speed is of the essence. In noncommerci...

Whether it’s for better health or less waste, smaller portions are getting bigger play in non-commercial foodservice. Small plates are popping up on menus in a variety of foodservice settings a...

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