Introducing hassle-free cold brew on tap

Trending beverage formats don’t have to be troublesome—here’s how
Photograph: Segafredo Zanetti®

Cold brew coffee and nitro remain on the upswing. Datassential research reports a 166% increase of cold brew on menus over four years, and a 670% increase of nitro on menus over the same period. Previously, though, cold brew and nitro on tap could be a thorn in operators’ sides due to complicated prep process and equipment requirements. Fortunately, new coffee innovations make the ‘cold brew conundrum’ a thing of the past.

Benefits of offering cold brew and nitro coffee

Cold brew isn’t just a big seller during the warm months—many consumers order it all year long. According to Technomic’s recent Beverage Consumer Report, 25% of consumers wish more restaurants and foodservice operators served cold brew. And nitro coffee—cold brew that’s chilled and infused with nitrogen, producing a visual of cascading micro-bubbles and a rich, smooth mouthfeel —offers consumers an even more elevated, indulgent coffee option. But until now, offering nitro coffee meant installing cumbersome equipment, including a high maintenance, gas-reliant kegerator system—deterring many foodservice operators.

Add nitro and cold brew to the lineup with ease

Segafredo Zanetti® understands the complexities of offering nitro cold brew—and is proud to offer an innovative, new draft system that doesn’t require a nitrogen gas hookup or take up a lot of space. NitroTap™ dispenses premium Segafredo Zanetti® cold brew and nitro cold brew coffee in a compact, countertop design that’s easy to install and even easier to use. With no waterline or gas connections, this system is plug-and-play, ready to serve any size operation from low-volume, self-serve coffee bars to booming, high traffic facilities.

Segafredo’s ready-to-drink cold brew allows operators to offer the trending beverage without the time-consuming prep that cold brew usually demands. Typically, cold brew requires several hours to steep, which can easily cause issues with supply if demand is higher than usual and can lead to out-of-stock problems. With Segafredo Zanetti’s Quick Connect format, operators can simply hook up the bag of cold brew to the NitroTap™ system. It’s a win-win situation: There’s plenty of cold brew ready to go at a moment’s notice, and staff doesn’t need to worry about how much to prep in advance.

Capitalizing on the demand for nitro and cold brew has never been easier than with integrated, ready-to-drink systems from Segafredo Zanetti®. To learn more about NitroTap™ and other cold brew and nitro solutions, visit

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