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FoodService Director’s Recipedia database has become a prime destination for readers as its repository of recipes has expanded and evolved with the times. To highlight the dishes that have risen to the top over the years, we’ve created the Best of Recipedia e-book series. Download current and past issues below; new issues will be added bimonthly.

Current issue

Recipedia: Big Ten Chefs’ Summit

In March 2022, chefs from across the Big Ten Conference came together at the University of Wisconsin for two days of education, inspiration and recipe development. These 27 dishes are what came out of the kitchen as chefs got creative using products from event sponsors.

Previous issues

Recipedia: Global Cuisines

U.S. consumers are getting more adventurous when it comes to international flavors and preparations. Give guests the chance to take a culinary trip with dishes like the 10 featured here.

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Recipedia: Burgers

Few menu items have as much universal appeal as the burger. Whether it’s a classic beef patty between the buns or one formed from turkey, pork, bison or veggies, burgers make their appearance in every foodservice segment. These 10 recipes demonstrate the great variety of craveable options out there.

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Recipedia: Bowls

Foodservice operators in every segment are finding that bowls rule with their customers—from K-12 and college students to rushed office and hospital workers, retired seniors and sports fans. These 10 recipes illustrate the bowl’s versatility by showcasing ethnic flavors, on-trend ingredients and healthy combos.

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Recipedia: Plant-based

Plant-based burgers have generated a lot of buzz on menus, but resourceful chefs and operators are not stopping there. Vegetables, grains and other plant foods are steadily gaining more attention, and our collection of plant-centered recipes just keeps growing. These are 10 of our favorites, hand-picked from a variety of creative foodservice kitchens.

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