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Students at one New York elementary school have taken sustainability to heart, enjoying healthful, local food and only taking as much as they’ll eat.
ricotta spaetzle chicken sausage
Iraj Fernando says this pairing of sausage with pasta is a popular dish in the company’s executive dining room.
Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln set a goal five years ago to reduce childhood obesity rates in Lincoln Public Schools by 10 percent by 2020—LPS has reached that goal six years ahead of schedule...
Students at a Pennsylvania-based high school would rather eat lunch they brought from home as opposed to the healthier foods being served in their cafeteria—costing the school money.
With the population rising and the demand for protein increasing, producers and operators will need to find enough protein to feed billions more mouths.
honey wheat bread
Add a slightly sweet flavor to wheat bread by incorporating malt syrup.
Earlier this year, students at one district were forced to skip lunch due to food shortages. See how things have changed.
Students who normally go to Chipotle or Subway for lunch say their school cafeteria is making strides in healthful, flavorful food that kids want to eat.
The app, Nutrislice, provides dietary information and allows Chartwells to communicate with both parents and
A study out of San Diego shows students make healthier decisions at lunch when guided by emoticons and with a prize incentive.


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