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The Oxford School District's child nutrition program has moved its free- and reduced-lunch applications online, saving parents a trip to school...
We recently hired a transgender employee. As an employer, how do I appropriately accommodate this employee, from locker rooms to preparing my current staff?
Starting this fall, a breakfast of protein, a grain, fruit and milk will be served in most elementary school classrooms.
Jefferson Healthcare’s foodservice is preparing meals at Port Townsend School District’s kitchen facilities while the hospital undergoes the first phase of a $20 million renovation.
A proposal aired this week in sketchy detail by President Obama would extend eligibility to managers paid less than $50,440.
Although the foodservice provider recently agreed to pay $19 million to settle a lawsuit alleging mismanagement and fraudulent conduct, the D.C. council may approve a new contract for the upcoming...
A newly renovated high school cafeteria will operate on a “scatter serve” system, much like that of a food court, to provide more menu variety and expedited service.
The 18-month struggle to create a super-distributor is over, to the tune of $312.5 million in break-up fees.
An Indiana school administrator told a House subcommittee that, following the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, students have been caught selling salt, pepper and sugar in school to add taste to...
A new cafeteria payment system means students and parents will be able to pay for meals online, but it also means no change back when paying with cash.


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