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When Michele Wilbur, R.D., joined the staff of Cornell Dining four years ago, gluten-free options were something specially prepared for the rare student who’d been diagnosed with celiac disease.

This month FoodService Director releases the results of The Big Picture, which we believe is the most comprehensive non-commercial research project ever conducted.

If you’re looking to freshen up your breakfast menu, try adding fruit (fresh or prepackaged), yogurt/parfaits or cold cereal/cereal bars.

Our high school has about 60 languages spoken and is populated by students from dozens of countries. We started an international service line that incorporates cuisines from some of the countries...

Demand for freshness is spurring foodservices of all types to consider more scratch cooking in the morning, but school cafeterias are finding that quest tougher to pursue when they start serving...

Schools and colleges are significantly more likely than other segments to have unionized employees. These two segments are also significantly more likely than other markets to have higher-than-...